CBC Searchlight – In-Depth with the Finalists

March 14, 2018

As we impatiently await the decision of our panel of celebrity judges as to which of our top 10 finalists will be the crowned the ultimate winner of Searchlight 2018, let’s take a closer look at the artists who made it into the final round.

We asked each of our finalists to answer a few questions about their experiences as part of this year’s Searchlight and the songs that got them into the top 10. Here are their stories.

Top 5 finalists as judged by CBC Music

Artist: Jordana Talsky
Location: Toronto
Song: “Run”

What is your song “Run” about?

“Run” is about the struggle to escape the constraints and distractions of daily life and of our own minds, into a more grounded state of serenity and reflection. When I sing, “I would like to run away,” I’m talking about running towards that part of yourself that experiences clarity and spiritual fulfillment, be it from the beauty of nature, connection to other people, music, or anything that’s “infinitely hipper.”

What was your reaction when you made the top 10?

Surprised! It’s the only jazz entry to make the cut, and it’s a song that fuses genres, so I was super excited that the panel and listeners are embracing a crossover song and new style of music.

Which Searchlight prize are you most excited about and why?

Oh man, all of them sound incredible and each would have a different benefit: the mentorship opportunity would be an invaluable learning experience; the recording residency would be a great place to create; and the CBC Music Festival would give me the chance to perform my music for the biggest audience of my career to date. I’m floored just thinking about it!

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