One-woman vocal looper ~Jazz Vocalist ~ Original music

Jordana Talsky is a singer, songwriter and vocal looping artist who fuses multi-genre influences into her own sound. Her show exemplifies innovation from a female perspective, both as a one-woman looper and as a songwriter who fuses elements of jazz, soul and avant-pop into a distinctive sound. Her shows are unique; you may hear her perform solo as she creates a one-woman on-the-spot loop choir, or as an ensemble combining looping with her jazz band, or in a pared down acoustic format - every show is its own special incarnation, weaving unique interpretations of covers with original songs. Her vocal loop song, “RUN”, was a judge’s pick for finalist in Canada's CBC Searchlight Contest. Other accolades include finalist placements in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Sarah Vaughan International Vocal Competition, Julian Award for Emerging Canadian Artists and Toronto Independent Music Awards. She has toured across Canada, Europe, and was featured as an emerging artist at Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival, on her first U.S. tour. Jordana has enjoyed widespread worldwide airplay of her earlier releases “Neither of Either”, “Standard Deviation”, and her critically-praised latest release, “Zahava”, an all-vocal looping EP of original music.




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"Jordana [...] has a phenomenal voice.  Her huge range and gorgeous tone lift these songs sky high...Jordana uses her voice and body to create cathedrals of sound...It’s really rather magical.  Like nothing I’ve heard before.  Open, wise, earthy and fun...Jordana Talsky is a gem.  Her songs elegant and unforgettable" - NoHo Arts District Magazine

"Talsky's lead vocal has that aspirational Broadway quality. Playful and assertive, while steeped in hope and longing. Talsky sings with unshakable presence without having to belt to the ceiling with over-the-top grandstanding...She sings of simple curiosity in a simple yet perceptive manner...Whether you appreciate the vocal layering of a Bobby McFerrin or Jacob Collier, or just the honest simplicity of Lorde, you will find something to sink your teeth into" - Music-News

" insanely original...Jordana blends [styles] in ways that are far more interesting than your typical singer with a loop of my best surprises" - Roots Music Canada

"...a lovely clear voice that sailed out over a very appreciative audience...she created wonderfully harmonic and innovative pieces that were both familiar yet unique" - Pat Blythe, Smile You're On...and Music

 “ of those voices who can sell albums by just singing the phone book” - LAMusicCritic